About the Symbol


Our logo, is a combination of two mayor spiritual meanings of two cultures: Triskelion and Koru. 

Triskelion Celtic symbol meaning is a trinity of themes.

In our case: 1. Mind 2.Body 3.Spirit

It holds two major components of symbolism: Action and Passive. The symbol itself appears to be in action.

Also, there is the KORU from the land of the “long white cloud” better known as New Zealand.

The Koru according to Maori culture represents the unfolding of the tree fern representing: new beginnings, harmony, strength and peace. A very feminine symbol as well.

Our symbol represents the fusion of both.

It takes a harmonic balance and a conscious employment of passive and active energy to accomplish great things.

What do the action and passive elements play in this symbol?

Simply put, the active is the action we invest in using this symbol, and the reaction from the universe in response.

The passive is our ability to sit back, trust, believe, have faith that our path will be clear and known to us.


Trust in our higher power.

Trust that our questions will be answered.

Trust that our hard work will pay off.