Claudia Jaffe jewelry

The story of Claudia Jaffe Jewelry was born in 2002 from the hands of its founder Claudia Graf a young enterprising woman with studies in jewelry, who decides to leave her stable job in one of the  biggest jewelry firms renowned
worldwide: Cartier, in order to to fulfill the dream of creating her own jewelry line.

Since then, fully dedicated to it, a nomadic life surrounded by travel and nature has served as a continuous inspiration for new pieces and collections.

In the last years, other women have joined the team of Claudia's project and nowadays Claudia Jaffe Jewelry has a solid workforce fundamentally of women who manage the sales, digital content and helping the founder with the backend, so she can devote herself most of the time to the designing, creating and making of the collections.

Guided by passion and dedication, Claudia and her team always seek to improve and grow, with the aim of bringing the elegance and comfort of their jewelry to everyone.

So far, Claudia Jaffe Jewelry has been exhibited and has been sold in places
all over such as: Miami, Los Angeles, London, Sicily, New Zealand, Australia,
Berlin, Ibiza, Mallorca, Bogota, Santiago… and more.

In 2020 we finally welcome you to our first online store ever.

"Enjoy the shopping no matter where you are!"