Oceans, beaches, mountains, trees, exotic species, flowers, clouds ... all this and more is reflected in the jewelry of Claudia Jaffé.

A work divided into four main collections and designed for today's woman: elegant, natural and modern.

Each collection expresses the importance of Mother Earth, so each of them is related to one of the main elements of nature.

Hydra Collection - Water - "Let life flow".

Hydra represents water and sand, and the different patterns in the "flows" that we can appreciate in nature.

We have united this beauty seen in the sand and water and created impressive jewels that conform to us as a reminder to always follow the moto "go with the flow in life".

Hydra Jewelry collection

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Soul Collection - Earth - “Keep your feet on the ground”.

Soul is our collection most connected to Earth.

Each curve is taken from trees, branches, paying special attention to its roots.

Soul Jewelry Collectiom

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Smooth Collection - Air - Listen to your inner voice.

Softness is like the soft breeze that caresses our skin. Extremely light, it is bright, the most polished of our collections.

Keeping the curves, but adding something new without textures, in addition to a small "play of sounds", as well as the illusion of an "optical effect".

Smooth Jewelry Collections

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India Collection - Fire - "Be strong and keep your inner
flame burning".

Dedicated to the country where fire acquires a unique role. Gods, elephants, symbols, fire, large crowds and an incredible wealth of colors have served as inspiration for this collection where each piece is unique and full of symbolism.

Very solid, strong and above all: individual. 

India Jewelry Collection

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Very different collections, constantly evolving and with a common denominator; natural elegance and extreme comfort in all its pieces.