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Meet The Founder

Claudia Graf is the founder and designer behind Claudia Jaffe Jewelry.
From a very young age Claudia was fascinated with the world of jewelry and gems.

She therefore decided to make her degree as a Graduate Gemmologist at the GIA.

At the end of her studies in California, she decides to go back to Europe for work.

She began working in London's Bond Street for some of the most important jewelry firms, but her free spirit and her adventurous nature led her to start with her own jewelry career soon after.

In addition to jewelry Claudia has two other passions: to travel and yoga. She has managed to combine her three passions in Claudia Jaffe Jewelry.

Nowadays, there is nothing that can cause more satisfaction and joy than to see women around the globe wearing her pieces. 


Know Our Story 


 The story of Claudia Jaffe Jewelry was born in 2002 from the hands of Claudia Graf.

Claudia and her team always seek to improve, with the aim of bringing the elegance and comfort of their jewelry to everyone.

Our pieces are sold in cities such as: Miami, London, Sicily, Ibiza, Mallorca, Bogota and Santiago.

In 2020 we decided to expand to a bit, creating at last our own online store.


Enjoy The Designs

Enjoy the designs 
Defined by a style of modern jewelry although with a classic touch, Claudia Jaffe's unique and timeless jewels become small treasures. 

Each jewel is carefully designed to adapt to the shape and taste of each woman.

To achieve this, nothing better than: adjustable rings possible to wear on each finger and adaptable for any type of hand, and versatile necklaces with up to seven different options to wear.

Our jewelry is available in three different colors, combinations and variations within, and most importantly with an exquisite quality guarantee.


Discover Our Collections

Discover our collections

 A work divided into four main collections and designed for today's woman: elegant, natural and modern.

Each collection expresses the importance of Mother Earth, so each of them is related to one of the main elements of nature.

Oceans, beaches, mountains, trees, exotic species, flowers, clouds ... all this and more is reflected in the work of Claudia Jaffé .

Very different collections, constantly evolving and with a common denominator; natural elegance and extreme comfort in all its jewelry pieces.


Our Identity

Jaffe means beauty in Hebrew and the logo design is inspired by the Koru symbol.