Earrings Windows Double
Earrings Windows Double
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Earrings Windows Double
Earrings Windows Double


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Window double earrings, are for those alternative and creative women.

A classical look yet not as one is matt yellow gold and the other matt rose gold.

Very unique having each earring the same, yet different, each links position is opposite. One looks one way and the other the opposite way. 

 With a hole in the middle to ‘see through’. 

  • 18K Gold and Rose Gold plated over brass
  • Weight: 4gr
  • Length 6cm/2,4"   Width 1,5cm/6"
  • Collection: Soul
  • Gift-wrapped

*Jewelry Care 

Note: Each piece has a unique and handmade finish, were we can appreciate differences like color and shape.

Note: Due to hygienic reasons, we are unable to accept exchanges or returns on any pair of earrings.

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