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Necklace Flowers
Necklace Flowers

FLOWERS necklace

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Fourteen flowers carefully linked together almost like a puzzle, molding onto any neck allowing the length to be modified.

This gorgeous necklace can be worn from both sides, having a completely different effect: organic and smooth.

The very settle combination of rose gold in the front center four flowers, surrounded by yellow on both sides, gives the necklace a unique elegant look that simply makes the wearer look and feel special. 

  • 18K yellow Gold and Rose Gold plated over brass
  • Weight: 42gr
  • Length: 53cm/21"   Flowers: 4x4cm/1,5x1,5"
  • Collection: Soul
  • Gift wrapped

*Jewelry Care 

Note: Each piece has a unique and handmade finish, were we can appreciate differences like color and shape.

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