Best Gift Ideas: Find the perfect jewel for her.

We know that a jewel is the perfect gift to surprise that dear person and that is why here we bring you a selection of our most unique pieces to give on this coming Valentine's Day.

Aphrodite Ring 

Afrodita ring

Considered our must have, it is the ideal ring for that special person, and not only because of its wonderful design inspired by the flow of water but also because its adjustable size allows it to adapt to any finger.

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If the person has somewhat shorter fingers than usual, we advise you to take a look at the mini version: Nymph ring.

Heart Bracelet

Heart Bracelet Group

Without a doubt, there is no better way to show our love than with a heart.

Therefore, this bracelet, with a hanging heart, becomes a wonderful gift.

Available in various tones and finishes, it is ideal to combine several of them, resulting even more stylish and also resulting in a set of little sounds.

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Alex Bracelet 

Alex Bracelet

Without a doubt, Alex is another fantastic gift for lovers.  And not only because of its delicate design but because its unisex nature allows both men and women to show their love by wearing one of these wonderful pieces. Adjustable

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Chakras Necklace

Chakras Necklace

We chose this piece as a gift idea not only for its elegant geometric design that combines gold, silver and rose gold, but we love it even more for its great versatility.  A necklace, with multiple options to wear, as well as the option of turning it into a bracelet or a belt (in some cases by joining 2 or more pieces)

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Protection or Abundance Necklace

Abundance and protection

Stones loaded with symbolism are another wonderful gift option.  With either of these two pendants you will surprise that dear person, the citrine stone in yellow color, provides abundance, and the amethyst, in purple color provides protection.

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Classic Earrings

Classic earrings

If what you are looking, is to gift earrings, we suggest our “classic earrings” being a mix of a  modern design with yet a classic touch that enhances the beauty of any woman.  Available in gold, rose gold and silver they are an incredibly comfortable piece to wear even with a mask.

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 And if after these gift proposals you still would like to see other options, we suggest you take a look at our catalog, with a wide variety of designer pieces created from the heart and always thinking about your comfort and style.


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