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Throughout our history as jewelry, there are many jewels that we have designed and enjoyed, but there is one that we consider our “must have” and that is why we believe that you cannot miss it: our wonderful Aphrodite ring.

Afrodita Ring

 Aphrodite is without a doubt our most beloved jewel. And not only for its exclusive design and elegance, but for its genuine comfort. It belongs to our hydra collection, a jewelry collection inspired by water and the flow of life.

For a long time, we called this ring Signature, as it seemed to be the most identifying jewel of the firm. And not only because our clients liked it so much, but also because rarely will you see Claudia and other members of the team without this magnificent piece.

Finally, we thought that the name of Signature did not describe all our love for this ring enough, and it was then we changed it for Aphrodite, as it is the name of the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and also it is said that she was born of the sea foam.

Afrodita Ring

There are many women who have transmitted their love for this comfortable ring, not only because of how beautiful it looks on their hands but because its adjustable design allows it to adapt onto each finger, each hand, and therefore, every day and every moment special.

And to satisfy all tastes, this piece is available in various shades and finishes; Yellow gold,rose gold or silver, as well as in other shades with antique finishes.

We know that Aphrodite can sometimes be too long, especially on particular short fingers,which is why there is a shorter version of the ring named Nymph.

Nymph Ring
Nymph, is a beautiful ring named for the beauty of the nymphs, divinities of Greco-Latin mythology that lived in the sources, the forests or the rivers. As it could not be otherwise, Nymph is also available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Both rings look great with any of the other pieces in our Hydra collection, and their comfort and elegance in design will make them the jewel you will want to wear 24/7.

Hydra collection

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