Jewelry Care Guide

A jewel is a very delicate piece that must always be treated with the utmost care and dedication no matter of its composition.


In general, gold-plated pieces are more delicate and vulnerable to wear than other materials such as silver and gold.  The loss of color and shine of the jewelry may be due to factors external to the piece, such as the use of chemicals in the skin, the level of body sweat or even the level of PH of the skin of each person.

We cannot make the gold plating last forever but, nevertheless, there are a few simple steps to ensure that our pieces are maintained as close to the same brightness as the first day purchased. 

Jewelry Care Tips

  - Avoid contact of perfumes and body creams on your jewelry: They usually have chemicals that, when getting in contact with the jewels, can cause loss of brightness or darkening of the piece.

  - Be very cautious to cleaning products: Ammonia, tincture of iodine and mercury are three substances widely used in cleaning products and that are especially dangerous for some metals used in jewelry.

  - It is recommended not to wear jewelry while playing sports: Because sweat is acidic and can damage metals, it is preferable not to use them in sports activities.

  - Remember not to bathe in the sea or in the pool with your jewelry: Nor in any aquatic environment that may contain chlorine or salt, as they are elements that damage the pieces.

  -  Clean the jewel with its suede after each use: You can wash the pieces with soap and warm water and even with a smooth toothbrush for the most hidden areas.  Unfortunately, this technique will not eliminate any scratches or bumps the piece may have.

  - Sunlight and heat are not good for jewelry: Avoid sunbathing with your jewels on or exposing them too long to solar radiation.

  - Always keep your jewels stored individually: The friction between metals can generate scratches, so if you use a jewelry box remember to place a single piece in each compartment.

  - Do not store your jewelry in damp places such as a bathroom: Moisture is one of the most frequent enemies in the wear of the pieces.

  - Check that the chains are tightly closed and wrapped in tissue paper before storing them to avoid getting entangled.

  - You can use copper cleaning products for all polished brass parts that have rusted or worn out.  


In Claudia Jaffe we ​​know the sentimental value that a piece of jewelry can reach, so all our jewelry has had a technique that helps preserve its original shine.  

In addition, with the purchase of each piece includes a jewelry bag for individual storage, a jewelry suede for proper cleaning and a tissue paper for more protection of the pieces.  

 In case you have followed all these recommendations and your jewel has yet  lost the gold bath sooner than expected, contact us. 

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