How to know the correct RING SIZE

Rings are the most appreciated piece of jewelry by most women and very often we want to wear these wonderful pieces 24/7. For this reason, knowing the right size is necessary when choosing a ring, especially wedding bands, since comfort can be essential in these precious pieces.

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Professionals work with measurement tools that allow you to know your size quickly and accurately. You always have the option of going to a jewelry store and ask about your measurements without any obligation. But if you prefer to know it right now and without leaving home, here are the best ways to find out your correct ring size.

Actually, to know the size, all you need to do is know the size of your fingers, and look for the size in our universal size guide.   

Normally, in the ring size tables the measurements are offered according to two types of references: either by the internal diameter or by the length of the circumference.

We advise you to know both in order to avoid problems with any size chart.


1 - Get the circumference length

Get the circumference length

To know the length of the circumference, just measure the contour of your finger.

The easiest thing is to use a sewing tape measure, since it adapts perfectly to the shape of each one.

Avoid doing it with swollen fingers, and take measurements on several fingers and on both hands. This way you will know all the possibilities that a ring can offer you.

How to create your own tape measure?

How to create your own tape measure?

If you don't have a tape measure, you can create one yourself very easily.

Copy the measurements of a ruler onto a blank piece of paper, cut out the paper and put it around your finger.

Another option is to first cut the foil, wrap it around your finger, mark the junction with a pencil, and then measure with a ruler.

Either way is very easy and straightforward.

2 - Measure the inside diameter of a ring

Internal diameter ring size

If what you need to know for your size is the internal diameter, you only have to place one of your rings on a ruler or tape measure and measure its internal contour.

Remember to choose a ring that feels comfortable to you.

3 - Download an app

Another very fast and effective way is to download a ring meter app to your mobile device. If you are looking for ring size in your app store you will see that there are a variety of applications to choose from.

Basically, the operation of all consists of a circumference that appears in the middle of the screen of your mobile and with a ring that you want to measure, adjust this circle until it coincides with the ring. Done!

4- Buy a professional tool

Finally, if you are looking for something more professional, the most common tools used in jewelry are the tatum, widely recognized for its conical shape, the universal ring or the vernier caliper.

And now that you surely know your measurements perfectly, you just have to find your measurements in a size table.

Find your size on a universal ring chart

Although it seems simple, some tables can get complicated, as each country uses its own size guide. For example, the US uses numbering from 3 to 13 and uses media.In the European Union, depending on the country, you will find a different numbering.Some like France have their own size, and others like the UK, Australia and New Zealand use letters instead of numbers.

As you can see, it is not an easy task, to which is added that some large jewelry firms, such as Pandora, have their own size chart.

To make it easy for you, here is a table of women's ring sizes with all the international measurements by country and with the option of an internal contour or circumference length.

ring size chart Claudia Jaffe Jewelry

And with these steps, you already have everything you need in order to know quickly and precisely what your ring size is.

At Claudia Jaffe Jewelry we are very aware of the importance of jewelry comfort and that is why our rings are mostly adaptable. Its beautiful adjustable closure allows it tobe adapted to each finger and each hand and therefore, every day and for every moment.

Those rings in which due to its design (ring & pendant) we cannot offer this advantage, we include a beautiful and delicate chain as a complement, allowing it to be used as a pendant so that you can always be in contact with your jewel.

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